The Not-So Dead
The Dead Series #1

All Faye wants is another chance at being normal: hanging out with friends, playing video games, reading the latest Manga… As a wraith, her craving for a normal existence seems forever out of reach. When she makes the move to the small town of Hueman, Texas with her not-so dead nomadic family, she prays this fresh start will be the one that sticks.

Until… one of her kind is murdered by a mysterious man in a black mask.

With only Carter, an unlucky human witness, by her side, Faye must find a way to prevent the body count from rising and protect her family’s secret identity. As the man in the black mask lurks in the shadows waiting to strike again, her choice becomes a matter of life and death.

In the face of true evil, being normal is overrated.






The So-So Dead
The Dead Series #2

From author Isaiyan Morrison comes, The So-So Dead, the thrilling continuation of the entrancing Dead Series!

A family of wraiths. A magical shard. All hell is about to break loose…

Her brush with death behind her, Faye wants nothing more than to settle into a mundane existence with Carter and her supernatural, nomadic family. With the Shard of Anu—a powerful trinket created from dark magic—in their possession, nothing else can stand in the way of a normal life.

Or so Faye hoped.

Forced into the role of protector for the Shard, dark energy begins to infest Carter’s soul. Each day that passes, malicious tendrils of magic consume a bit more of him. But the threats don’t stop there. Others are hunting for the shard, and will stop at nothing to claim it.

Can Faye save Carter from the darkness consuming him? And, keep the Shard from falling into the hands of those that would wield it for violent chaos? A normal life will have to wait. It’s time for Faye to embrace her truth and be more wraith than human…