Dark Curse
Deamhan Chronicles #2

The Deamhan world is in chaos as the once feared and Ancient Lugat, Lucius, is freed from Limbo and embarks on a bloody killing spree to eradicate any remaining traitors in the city of Minneapolis. But Lucius is not alone in his quest for power. The Brotherhood has returned, and a growing population of vampires is stirring up the remaining Deamhan who have chosen to stay behind.

As the body count rises, tensions escalate between Deamhan, humans and vampires, forcing them to choose sides. Will they allow Lucius to free the Pure Ones – the first living Deamhan from Limbo – or will they take him out and risk crippling their already-fragile presence in the city?

But when a shocking twist is revealed, alliances are shattered, and the true intentions of each faction are exposed. As they learn the tropes of their world and face the consequences of their actions, Deamhan must decide whether to fight for their survival or succumb to the machinations of those who seek to control them.