Deamhan Chronicles Update

Deception (Deamhan Chronicles #3)

The Deamhan Chronicles are my pride in joy. Diving deep into this world has provided me with excitement, sorrow, and sometimes frustration. However, I would never do anything different. I feel blessed to have come up with a different species of vampires (psychic vampires.) I’m also thankful for my growing fan base of readers. They find my characters to be complex and interesting.

The world of Deamhan is a fun world to write and it continues to grow upon a solid foundation of characterization, plots, and page turners. In doing so, many readers have reached out to me about creating a list of how my books should be read. Nothing fancy.  Just helpful. I do include a guide in the back of my novels, but it doesn’t hurt to include something here, on my blog. Why not? Maybe I’ll plan on compiling all the information together, including character backstories, into one free downloadable book! But for now, this will have to do.

There is a main story line. Currently, there are four books in this story line.

  1. Deamhan
  2. Dark Curse
  3. Deception
  4.  Divination


Currently, there are four novellas. At first, they were called “Deamhan Tales” but fans urged me to incorporate them more into the main storyline since they involve current and main characters.


  1. Family Matters. Deamhan Chronicles #1.5

    Veronica (Deamhan Chronicles #4.5)
  2. Deamhan Minion. Deamhan Chronicles #2.5
  3. A Tit For A Tat. Deamhan Chronicles #3.5
  4. Deamhan Chronicles #4.5


The Brotherhood Files are more of an historical background story on certain characters. I enjoy writing them the most, perhaps because I love history.

  1. Maris
  2. Remy

I do have more information on my other website,, for those looking to dive a little further into that world. Site is currently under construction and I hope to reveal that to you all in the next month or so.

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