Friday Fun Time! – Vampire Prosecutor

Vampire Prosecutor

This week went by so fast! I’m still eternally grateful and surprised at how many people showed up for my Deamhan Release Facebook Event on Wednesday. Again, thank you! I had tons of fun and I can’t wait to do another release event again! Hopefully soon. Congrats to the winners! As soon as I receive the list of winners, I’ll start sending out the prizes! Next week is going to be lonely for me out there in TV tube land. No TrueBlood on Sunday, no Teen Wolf on Monday, season finale (summer finale maybe) of Twisted on Tuesday. Suddenly my TV schedule is empty. Thank God for Xbox. A few blog posts ago I wrote about my Fall TV schedule and how crowded it’s going to be, especially in October. Sons of Anarchy starts on Sept 10th, Boardwalk Empire, Sept 8th, and I want to check out the new show, Sleepy Hollow, that starts Sept 16th. If you don’t know already, I’m also a gamer. I can spend literally an hour to half a day playing my favorite game if it catches my interest. Recently I’ve been slowing down and spending more time writing. The one thing I love about Xbox are the apps: HBOGo, Netflix, Youtube, Machinima, Amazon Prime ect. I watch a lot of Netflix shows and there’s currently one that caught my eye. It’s a Korean show called Vampire Prosecutor. It took a little time getting used to at first. The title pretty much describes the show.  A prosecutor, who is a vampire, solves crimes by tasting the blood of his victims. He can tell how they died and when by the smell and taste of their blood. Sounds cool, right? So I gave the show I shot and by the second episode, I was in love!! This show is amazing, the plot well thought out, and the acting and directing is phenomenal. The only problem I currently have is that there’s only ONE season on Netflix and I don’t know what I’m going to do after I finish the first season. I’ve been searching the net looking around to buy the second season. The only site I found was Drama Fever but I’m a little skeptical. If you’re curious about the show, I’ll leave you with this. *The show has subtitles, but this trailer doesn’t*