Too Many Shows, So Little Time

sons of anarchy

I had an entry like this similar to the one I posed on my now closed blogspot page. Just when I gave up on watching television, the arrival of a few new shows this season peaked my interest. It’s not like my schedule is already booked. Don’t believe me? Well, this is what my schedule looks like. Supernatural Season Premiere: October 8th, 2013, Tuesdays I honestly don’t remember what season the show is in.  The season finale showed angels falling from heaven and Sam’s failed attempt on Crowley. Kept me on the edge of my seat! This is one show that I rarely miss. Vampire Diaries Season Premiere: October 3rd, 2013, Thursdays I have to admit. I was getting tired of evil b*tch Elena so I was somewhat happy to see her return. For me, the episodes have its ups and downs. Maybe because I still don’t understand the fascination with vampires and high school. Oh well, I’ll still tune in and watch this season. However, with the Originals airing and my love for Klaus . . . Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere: September 10th, Tuesdays No supernatural, high school drama here. Just a good old fashioned biker gang creating mischievous. Okay, well that’s a weak synopsis of the show. I started watching SOA when it was in it’s third season. I spent an entire week catching up on Netflix. This show is one of the best shows on TV hands down (along with Game of Thrones.) Last season finale, Tara was being arrested and hauled away by the cops and Clay was going to jail. I think this season is going to be too crazy to not miss. Plus I love Juice! Boardwalk Empire Season Premiere:  September 8th 2013, Sundays There’s something about HBO shows that keep me entertained for a very long time. I watch Game of Thrones early in the year, TruBlood in the summer, and I finish it off with Boardwalk Empire in the fall. But this year I might stop doing something different. I might have to stop watching the show. The first few seasons were awesome and fantastic. I really like Steve Buscemi’s character, Lucky, and how he struggles to keep his spot as the most important and respected person in his area. But the show has started to slow down for me and this started with the death of Jimmy. Afterwards I honestly didn’t care about much about the other characters and what they were up to and how important they were to the story. Depending on how this season goes, if it doesn’t pick up anytime soon I might have to drop the show. Being Human   Season Premiere: 2014 Okay, so I don’t REALLY have to worry about this show until then, but I just wanted to say that UK Version > US Version hands down. Still the US version is a pretty good show. Arrow Season Premiere: October 9th 2013, Wednesdays I love comic books. I hate when movies/shows don’t stick to comic books, but I understand how troublesome that could be for production. I watched Smallville until I couldn’t take it anymore, praying to the CW gods to end the show. They finally listened in, what- season 11 or something? I don’t remember. The only thing I do remember is that the show went on for too damn long and Lana annoyed the heck out of me. I hope Arrow doesn’t go down that path. So far it’s pretty entertaining. I wonder if we’re going to see Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy? The only thing that gets to me is Oliver Queen’s sister. Oh, and also how most of the characters talk in whispers. Other than that, it’s a great show with a plot that well . . . sometimes makes you scratch your head and think “What in the heck is going on?” Vikings Season Premiere: ??? All I know is that there will be a season 2, according to the History Channel. I saw the season two sneak peek vid and it looked like everything I expected season two to be. It shows Ragnar standing with a group of men across from his brother, Rollo, who also has his own group of men. The two groups charge at each other and a bloody fight ensues. I’m also interested in the Vikings’ conquest to England and how that’ll play out. I HIGHLY recommend this show. Grimm Season Premiere: October 25th, Fridays Nick is a descended from a long line of Grimms, those who have the ability to see creatures disguised as humans. I like the show’s premise and the characters are very interesting, including the Wesen (creatures.) Last season showed Nick being captured and contained in a box to be shipped to somewhere unknown. Whew. I think that about covers it. So there you have it. The MAIN shows I currently watch in the Fall. Yes, only MAIN shows. Now, on top of that, these are the new shows I’m looking forward to this fall season. Originals    Season Premiere: October 3rd 2013 The season premieres right after The Vampire Diaries’ season premiere. Go figure. Dracula Bringing it back to basics with no high school teen drama involved. I can’t wait. Sleepy Hollow  Season Premiere: September 16th Set in a modern city with a modern day Ichabod Crane.   No wonder I can’t get anything done.