Street Team


Thank you for your interest in Isaiyan Morrison’s Street Team. The Street Team is active on Facebook and has its own Facebook Group.

What do I gotta’ do?

1. Once every two weeks or when time permits, the Facebook Admin with post a specific mission. Participation is encouraged but not mandatory. These missions shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes out of your busy schedule.

2. Option to Beta Read with the promise to return the novel a month after receiving the novel and to write an honest review which must go live the day the novel is released.

3. Members will be asked to create a buzz about the author’s books in one or more of the following suggestions:
-Review the novel on Amazon, Goodreads,  and/or any other online review site
-Blog about the novel or spread the author’s novel(s) by word of mouth, social media, ect.
-Ask your library or local bookstore to order a copy of the book is possible.

If this sounds like something right up your alley, then head on over!



Let me know what you think!