Release Date for The Bond (Sphere, Episode Two)

First I’d like to give a special thanks to those who’ve purchased the first episode, The Carriers, on Smashwords and Amazon. I can’t thank you enough! Honestly, I was surprised at how many downloads of the book I had, especially on Amazon since you can purchase the book for free on Smashwords by using code KX55E.

If you liked the episode (or hated it) remember to post your review on Amazon. I appreciate the emails I’ve received but please, share your thoughts with others on the website. That could make a huge difference for others who may be undecided about purchasing the episode. Also, it also helps me to know what I’m doing right or wrong and how I can improve as an author!

With that being said, I planned on releasing each episode of my serial every two weeks. However, I’ve been behind this past week (going to Orlando and watching the EVO Video Game Tournament.) So I’ve decided to set the release date for the next episode titled “The Bond” for August 7th, 2013. I’ve also decided to skip Smashwords this time and stick directly to Amazon.


Book cover 2 - Isaiyan


As a new Carrier in training, Tayla has a lot to learn. Still unable to accept that her mother who walked out on her and her father years ago was a Carrier herself, her new friends, Darrien, Sina, and Iris, began to reveal how important her mother was in the Carrier world. However, their explanations only create more questions about her mother and why she secretly passed her gift onto Tayla at such a young age.

Still trying to get used to the fact that her gift is the strongest gift that any Carrier could possess, Tayla finds herself the center of an up and coming war between Light and Dark Carriers. She meets Cody, Darrien’s older brother and enemy who tells her that not only will her gift bring destruction if she chooses a side, but by not choosing a side she can be like him – a Rogue Carrier with no allegiance.

Learning now that her power can tip the scales in the up and coming war Tayla is forced to choose. Will she fight for the Light Carriers or will she fight for the Dark Carriers?

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