Where have the bloody vamps gone?

Begin rant~

Lately I’ve found myself surfing the internet. Not because I’m bored but because I’ve been hearing a lot lately about self publishing vs traditional publishing.

As an up and coming author I see the benefits of both sides. However, when I read blog posts or comments from those supporting traditional publishing, I see nothing but negativity. Is self publishing THAT bad?

Yes, there are a few who have become successful via the self publishing route. They outnumber the unsuccessful. But I wouldn’t count self publishing out just yet.

I don’t want to get too much into it. I have thought about it though. Like many up and coming authors, you struggle with constant rejection letters and waiting for what feels like forever. In the meantime you might purchase a book on Amazon, published by a traditional publisher and only a few chapters into the novel think, “How did this get published?”

That’s been happening a lot to me lately. I think I’ve spent over $100 dollars on books, ebooks. I can count on the right hand how many of those books I’ve finished and actually enjoyed. I do remember a time when I couldn’t wait to read the next book of *insert author here* or choosing a book because of its book cover and not regretting my decision.
Now, I don’t even know what to think.

The reason I’ve decided to rant about this (just a small rant) is . . . well . . . the best horror novel I’ve read this month didn’t come from a traditional publisher but from a self published author.

Yes, a self published author.

Not saying that this is the norm. What I’m saying is that this day and age I really can’t use traditional pub vs self pub to distinguish a good book from a bad book. I could use the fact that most self pub books are in need of an editor but I would have to buy the book to come to that conclusion. That’s not easy with the recession. My splurge fund is going to “traditional” published books that I can’t even finish reading because it’s wretched to me.

I enjoy horror novels. I love vampires, werewolves, ghosts, paranormal- stories with dark plots, twisted plots and endings. A book doesn’t have to make me “jump from my seat” but if I have to sleep with the light on at night then I think it did its job. I don’t like my vampires to sparkle. I want them to be bloody and mean. A vampire falling in love with a human . . .yeah, that’s fine but I hope the author doesn’t make the reader forget that a vampire is what it is . . . a vampire.

To put it bluntly, give them back their balls for God’s sake.

Where have all the bloody vamps gone? Are they truly dead? Don’t tell me I have to get used to the whimpy vampires. I won’t allow it.

Now werewolves falling in love with humans . . . not my thing but again, I can tolerate it only if the author reminds us that we’re dealing with werewolves.

Sometimes I think that maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I don’t know any better and that I’m asking for too much. What I do know is lately, I can’t find a good book to read. I don’t want to continue the “buy a book and can’t get pass the first chapter” rollercoaster I’ve been on. It’s a waste of my time and not to mention money.

End rant.~

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