Maris. The Brotherhood Files


The Brotherhood Files #1


Maris. Cover

PAGES: 256

ISBN: 0692361715

ISBN13: 978-0692361719

FORMAT: Print and E-book




**Takes place between Book One and Book Two of Deamhan Chronicles**

She gave me her blood, and my life changed forever.

Anastasia. My sire. The only influential figure in my already-fragile life. She did this to me. She caused all the pain and suffering. There was a time I believed I owed her everything. After all, she gave me immortality and the never-ending thirst for the energy contained in the blood of my victims.

But now vampires hunt me and the humans want to use me as their personal weapon. They believe I’m some kind of apotropaic figurine that can damn all Deamhan and force us back into hell where we belong. Me? I just want to live. I just want to be Maris. That way, the only one I can damn is myself.




“I really loved this book. This is the first book of this author’s that I’ve read and believe me I cut wait to read more! Having vampires plus another type of species similar to vampires but mortal enemies at the same time is a very exciting twist that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! This is a definite must read book and series!!”

Christina Henderson Smith, Reviewer

” I felt for Maris in this book. She went through a lot and being a Deamhan, it was very difficult for her. Isaiyan really captured me in this book. Hell…. I am in love with all these books. Having so many different takes on the vampire and making it work in a beautiful unique way, well it’s just magical. If you are a vampire lover as I am, but tired of the same old same, then these are the books you need to be reading!”

Veronica Williams, Reviewer


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