Yahoo’s Most Terrifying Films

Do you agree with this list? I personally didn’t find The Blair Witch Project that scary. Candyman didn’t scare me. In fact, I found it entertaining. Contagion wasn’t scary at all and I do agree that Deliverance was pretty scary in a backwater hick sort of way.Movies missing include The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Fright Night (original,) Howling II,

Time to Weed out my T.V. Shows

The new trailer for this Season 6 of TruBlood was just released!  This season should be good! Oh my God. My T.V. schedule is hectic, even during the summer. SpringGame of ThronesBates MotelVikings SummerTruBloodTeenWolf Fall/ WinterSons of AnarchyBoardwalk EmpireVampire DiariesSupernaturalBeing HumanArrowGrimm Oh I know I’m missing a few shows. Actually, I hope I’m not missing any shows.

African American . . no wait, Caucasian American . . . no wait

The question of race when it comes to writing came to me one day after editing my second novel in my Deamhan series. I’ve never given it any thought. For me, race isn’t an important detail for my characters. However, I believe it should be. Thinking about it now, I haven’t really defined what race some of my characters are. I keep a folder for each character containing information from history, background ect. Looking through my character profile sheets I realized that I left the race information blank. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to deal with “how many *insert race here* characters should I have in this novel?” Don’t get me wrong. I believe the race of a character is important, when the author has to describe it and give it attention. What I mean is, how often do you, as a reader, think about the race of the character you’re reading about? I don’t and I don’t assume either. With that said, I do know the race of some of my characters in Deamhan. Hallie, the Metusba Deamhan, is black. Remy, the Lugat Deamhan, is white. Alexis the vampire, for example, is black. I know this because of her history with Lambert, her sire, and the date she was sired. I based her race around that, not the other way around. As for Veronica, the main character, and Anastasia, my favorite character. Veronica is white and Anastasia . . . well . . . she has dark hair and she was born in Europe. That would make her white. I prefer to let me reader decide. If it happens that I have to dive a little deeper into the background of my character and the issue of race needs to be resolved, then I’ll resolve it at that moment. So the question is, do I decide race first or do I wait after I’ve created the history for my characters? It’s easier to decide race later because I’m more interested in the history of my characters than what they look like, although I understand how important it is for a reader to absorb as much information as possible to understand the story. If a character was born in American, came from a rough background- that pretty much describes any race, right? As a reader, writer, or both do you think the race of a character is just as important as the background of a character?


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Showing versus Telling

Showing vs Telling In high school I read a lot of Stephen King novels. The one that comes to mind is The Stand. The version I read was the complete and uncut version, over 1000 pages. I found myself skipping through some of the reading, wondering what it had to do with the storyline. Even though I questioned, I continued reading because I loved the description. Stephen King wrote enough description to make me understand but not too much to hold my hand like a baby through the novel. Showing versus telling has always been a huge topic for writers (a pain in the ass for me.) From High School to College, English teachers have told me that you need to show more in your pieces of fiction than tell more. I worked on it and now, after all that time, I’ve seen a huge change in my writing. Throughout the ten years I’ve been working on my novel Deamhan, several beta readers told me that it’s too descriptive. I’ve also been told I need more description. I’ve always taken their advice, adding stuff here and taking stuff out there until the novel slowly developed into something I didn’t recognize. I started to feel that my novel wasn’t my own. I had a younger adult, 23 years of age, read my novel. He told me I had too much description, not enough action. I started to pay closer attention  and it suddenly came to me . Younger readers want more action while older readers want more description. So what to do?  My novel is marketed toward 18-30 year olds (hard market, I know) so should I pay attention to the beta readers in that age bracket? I personally love a mixture of both. Some novels I just want action and some novels I want more description. So how can you tell if you’re writing needs more or less description?   I decided last year after a publishing company wanted me to revise then later rejected my novel that I like my novel as is. I’m not saying that when it gets accepted, I won’t change it. Oh no. I will. But right now, I like my novel as is. There comes a point when you have to just take a deep breath and believe that your novel is right for publication.   Some say you can never edit your novel enough. I disagree. You can edit your novel enough, perhaps too much. When you as the writer start don’t understand what’s happening in your novel or you question your edits after the millionth edit, you’ve gone too far.

December 14, 2012

Today 26 people, including 18 elementary students lost their lives tragically.My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I don’t get it and I probably never will. Why would anyone take the lives of children or anyone for that matter? What kind of sadistic mind did this person have to do this? Just in the last few hours I’ve read several articles, including the issue of gun control. Is gun control really the main issue? I personally think there are several things to blame. However, I’m not going to be the one to tell others what those causes are and how to fix them.The fact is, I don’t know HOW to fix them. I can tell you my thoughts on how to start. Let’s start with pinpointing the problems in our society, which includes guns, violence, disrespect, unemployment, unfairness, ect. Let’s not also forget the 22 elementary children that were stabbed in China today as well. The world is a dangerous place. I can’t stress this enough when I say that children are our future. What type of future are we leading them to believe in and live in? There’s so much violence and chaos around the world.I’m also ashamed that the majority of violence goes unnoticed. Here in America, we think we’re invincible. Nothing can touch us, nothing can stop us. Wake up people. Something needs to be done.

Election Day

November 6th. Election Day.. . . . Yeah. Well as an American citizen who enjoys the freedom and respects the rights of every American, for me this day is more than just deciding on who’ll lead this country for the next four years. As a voter, I feel the need to give thanks to those who came before me and fought for the right to vote. The men and women who put their lives on the line, the men and women who suffered through countless hours, days, years, decades, and centuries protesting against the establishment. I have several friends who don’t vote and for the life me, I just don’t understand why. I live in Texas, a predominantly Republican state. I consider myself an Independent however, if I had to choose between voting Republican or Democrat, I lean toward Democrat. I know the Republican nominee for President will win Texas but that doesn’t prevent me from voting anyway. Why? Because I want my voice to be heard, even if there’s a  strong chance it’ll drown among the thralls of Republican voters. Because it’s my right that I can enjoy due to those who came before me.   I could care less who you vote for. I only care that you vote.   -Isaiyan

What do you do when nothing works?

There are plenty of writers who fill their blog with “how-to” and/or “what makes a character viable” posts. Majority of the time, these posts are very detailed and give great insight into the mind of the writer. As a writer, I wonder if their process is the same way as my own. I wonder if they somehow become stuck in their novel, do they exhibit the same actions as myself. I haven’t made it to the top, where I want to be with my writing . . . yet.  However, I believe that all writers go through the same tribulations. As for myself, when I find myself bored or stuck in a novel I’m writing, I like to take a few days off. I either play video games, watch movies, and sometimes I’ll do some research for my next novel. What I really want to know is what do writers do when nothing works? What happens when taking a few days off and coming back to your project doesn’t work? What does a writer do then? Do you continue to take time off? What if you can’t take time off and you have a strict schedule to maintain? Your publisher and possibly your agent . . . do they care? Sure, I can tell you what I’d do. I’d probably take more time off. I might force myself to write (when that happens my writing is atrocious which makes me take off more time.) Depending on how I feel, I might even abandon the novel altogether, regardless of how much I’ve written. Just curious.

August 20th, 2012

For the past three weeks I’ve been having severe lower back pain.  At first I thought it was how I slept. I mean, that’s normal right? Blame your bed? So I thought it’d go away after awhile. One week later and the pain was unbearable. I had a hard time walking, sitting, sleeping. Taking a shower became a long , grueling process. I finally decided to go the VA to get checked out (yes, I’m a veteran.) I took an xray, they gave me a prescription of Prednisone, Flexidril, and Ibuprofin. The doctor told me if the pain didn’t go away or if it got worse, to come back immediately and schedule an CT scan. Fast forward. My lower back is still throbbing and now I have a CT scan on Sept 6th. Horrible.