Anthology – Through The Eyes of A Storm

The release date for Deamhan is just a week and a half away! August is going to be a craaaaaaazy time for me. There’s so much stuff I want to announce to you all now that I can’t.

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Also, there are only three more character reveals left for Deamhan. This week Kei, one of the important antagonists in the novel, is taking front stage so make sure you head over to to find out all about him.

Besides the release of my novel Deamhan on August 12th, I’m also happy to announce that my short story, The Sisyphus Syndrome, will also be published in Rainstorm Press’ anthology called Through the Eyes of a Storm.

Although I don’t write short stories that often anymore,  I consider The Sisyphus Syndrome one of the best pieces I’ve written period. I’m so happy that I was able to find a home for it.

Check out the cool cover of the anthology!

through the eyes of a storm


On the Rainy Highway
Tommy B. Smith

Helping Hands
Diane Lefer

The Last Son of Olympus
Monique Snyman

The Man from Ino
Robert DiBella

A Storm in my Soul
Tammy Maas

Storm Driven Progress
Sakina Murdock

The 99th Piece
Nate D. Burleigh

Play Crack the Sky
Ronald DeStefano

Rainy Rachel
Susan Dorsey

First Rain
Tom Knoblauch

After The Rain
Jane Isaac

Be Careful What You Wish For
Amy Durrant

The Sisyphus Syndrome
Isaiyan Morrison

 I’m thrilled to be included in this anthology among other great writers. The book is scheduled to be released on August 21st 2013 so mark your calendars.

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